Snow City Singapore

Snow City Singapore: Unique Winter Wonderland

Singapore Snow City is a stunning snow chamber where you can enjoy all of the benefits of snow at any time of the year. Snow City is the ideal place in Singapore to unwind with family, friends, or even a significant other. From the three-story-high attraction, visitors may sled down 60-meter-long snow slides! Locals and tourists who do not have access to snow and sub-zero conditions in their native countries have flocked to Snow City. The snow fields are always covered in about 150 tonnes of snow, and 10 to 15 tonnes of new snow is made every week at Singapore Snow City to maintain the level up.With the use of a specially built snow gun, all of the snow on display and for enjoyment at Snow City is created in-house. Get all prepared and head towards the most famous Snow City. Here is all you need to know to plan an exciting visit to the Snow City.

Singapore Snow City has introduced a new themed area called Arctic Circle, which is home to five brand new mascots named Koko, Suki, Ila, Oki, and Nooka. The snow-based attraction also includes dynamic and entertaining exhibits for people of all ages.

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Highlights & Inclusions of Snow City Singapore


  • Engage in snowy fun with your children with snowball fights and snowman building, transforming the venue into a winter paradise in Singapore.
  • Immerse yourself in sub-zero temperatures, simulating a polar environment where snow sports like tubing and tobogganing come to life.
  • Visit the Arctic Snow Playground and let your child unleash their inner creativity.
  • Head to Singapore's first-ever sub-zero shooting arena and test your aim.
  • Experience the thrill of sliding down an icy slope, adding an adventurous twist to your visit.
  • Get a chance to drift on the ice with your kids at the Coldest Bumper Car Arena.
  • Encourage your child to partake in basic sport climbing and let the instructors train how to climb with ropes.
  • Engage in a shopping spree at Shaman’s souvenir shop and buy Ty Beanie Boos, Beanie Babies, and more.
  • Visit Microbrewery Fountain & Restaurant and enjoy beer produced by using only the purest ingredients.


  • Skip-the-line entry to the snow centre.
  • Enjoy a unique winter experience in the tropic.
  • Explore ice-sculptures and snow activities year around.
  • Experience the thrill of snow activities like skiing and snowboarding.
  • Indulge in sledding and snowman building which appeals to both kids and adults.
  • Learn about Arctic life in an interactive environment.
  • Temperatures drop to sub-zero, providing an authentic chill.
  • Play snowball fights with your kids.

Why to Visit Snow City Singapore

  • City of Snow Singapore's uniqueness originates from its name. Despite the name, Snow City is Singapore's first-ever indoor snow facility.
  • The 1200 sq ft snow chamber maintains a chilly temperature throughout, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind tundra climate experience with temperatures as low as -5 degrees.
  • The snow city is known for its technologically advanced snow cannons, which continue to manufacture real snow using liquid nitrogens to give visitors the most realistic experience of a snow-covered mountain within the premises.
  • Enjoy a variety of slides and activities, including the Arctic Snow Slide, Drift on Ice, and Indoor Boulder.
  • Sliding down the 60-meter-long snow slide and building snow angels are fun activities for kids.
  • The Ice Hotel Gallery at Snow City is included in your Snow Play ticket, so go check it out!
  • The Winter Shooting Arena in Singapore is the world's first Sub-Zero Shooting Arena.

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Activities to Enjoy at Snow City Singapore

Winter Shooting Arena

The Winter Shooting Arena, located at Snow City in Singapore, offers a unique and exhilarating experience for both beginners and seasoned shooters alike. This indoor shooting range provides a safe and controlled environment for visitors to practice their shooting skills with real firearms modified to fire infrared beams at targets. The cutting-edge technology ensures a realistic shooting experience without the use of live ammunition, making it suitable for all ages.

The Winter Shooting Arena boasts a variety of scenarios and challenges, catering to different levels of expertise. Participants can test their precision and accuracy in a thrilling and immersive winter-themed setting. With attentive instructors guiding visitors through the session, safety is prioritized at all times.

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Drift on Ice

Drift on Ice is a new addition to Snow City's snow and winter experience. It is Singapore's only sub-zero bumper car adventure on ice. The 5-minute bumper car ride offers all of the thrills and spills of a traditional carnival ride, but on ice and in a sub-zero environment! The Singapore Book of Records has dubbed this unique ride the 'Singapore Coldest Bumper Car Arena,' and it's perfect for families and friends looking to have a good time!

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Snow Fun House

You may immerse yourself in sub-zero conditions and receive the full winter experience at Singapore's Largest Snow-Filled Display House! This mobile snow attraction is ideal for a variety of special occasions, including product releases, networking events, sub-zero parties, ice gallery displays, and mall activation campaigns, thanks to its numerous adjustable themes, concepts, and elements. At this legendary Snow Excitement House, the fun never stops for both kids and adults!

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Fun on Ice

Get your pulse racing and whiz around on ice with our one-of-a-kind bumper car experience, or simply skate to your heart's content at Snow City's mobile ice rink! This ice-skating rink, which operates in an air-conditioned atmosphere, is ideal for roadshows, children's events, ice-skating programmes, and mall activation initiatives.

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Snow Playground

The Snow Playground, designed for both children and adults, is sure to keep everyone entertained with a variety of exciting activities! Prepare to delve deeper into a thick layer of snow produced at a rate of 12 cubic meters every 24 hours. The Snow Playground, which is air-conditioned, is ideal for year-end festive events, children-themed events.

The Cliff

Try your hand at The Cliff Snow City, Singapore's first-of-its-kind vertigo climbing wall. The wall has ten climbing lanes of varying difficulty levels appropriate for Lead and Speed climbing, and it can accommodate up to 20 climbers at once. Start your sport climbing adventure with us, and the staff will help you gain confidence while achieving your actual potential as you confront the sport's physical and mental obstacles.

Meet the Mascots at Snow City Singapore

OKI the Inuit Boy

Fishing and hunting are two of Oki's favorite pastimes. He's sweet, friendly, and funny. The Inuit are a friendly people who place a high priority on peace. They abhor conflict and place a premium on privacy and are deeply concerned about the welfare of others. They are resourceful and self-sufficient. In their culture, storytelling, folklore, and dancing all play an important role.

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ILA the Husky

Ila is a fantastic Inuit community member who is always prepared to provide a hand. He assists with cargo transportation and is quite quick. Huskies are prized by indigenous peoples as sled dogs, companions, and guard dogs. The Inuit prefer to use them as a form of transportation because of their speed and endurance.

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NOOKA the Polar Bear

Nooka is a strong, determined individual who pays close attention to the tiniest details. He's always on the alert, studying, and waiting for something to happen. When he is not hunting, he spends the majority of his time snoozing or relaxing. Polar bears are typically alone, save for mating and cub rearing.

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KOKO the Fox

Koko is one of the most intelligent and powerful animals living in the frigid Arctic. He can withstand freezing temperatures as -50°C, and when there is no prey, he follows polar bears and consumes the scraps from their kills.

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SUKI the Magical Snowy Owl

Suki has great eyesight, which aids her in her daytime hunt for rodents. Suki, the magical owl, is active 24 hours a day, unlike most owls that are nocturnal. She has a terrific sense of direction and has the ability to fly high in the sky and use her magical eyes to light the path.

Explore Snow City Singapore

Get to Explore Snow City Singapore

Explore Snow City Singapore offers visitors a unique and thrilling escape from the tropical climate into a wintery wonderland. This innovative indoor attraction allows individuals to experience the magic of snow and ice without leaving the city. The facility is equipped with an array of engaging activities, including snow play areas, ice slides, and interactive exhibitions that educate visitors about polar environments and their significance.

Families, friends, and curious minds can immerse themselves in sub-zero temperatures, creating snowmen, engaging in snowball fights, and experiencing the joy of a true winter adventure. The attraction's advanced technology ensures a safe and controlled environment, making it suitable for all ages. Whether one desires to relive the sensation of snow or encounters it for the first time, Explore Snow City Singapore provides an unforgettable experience. It's not just a recreational spot; it's an educational journey through the icy realms of our planet, fostering awareness about the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems.

Know Before You Go for Snow City Singapore

Essential Information
How to Reach
Safety Measures

Location of Snow City Singapore: 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433.

Opening hours & Closing Time of Snow City Singapore:

Snow City in Singapore offers visitors an opportunity to experience the wonders of winter all year round:

  • From Monday to Friday, Snow City is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This schedule provides ample time for families, friends, and individuals to escape the tropical heat and enjoy the winter-themed attractions and activities.
  • On weekends, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, Snow City extends its operating hours to accommodate more visitors. It opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM, giving guests an extra hour of winter fun.
  • It is important to note that Snow City might be closed for maintenance on certain days. Visitors are advised to check the website or contact them directly for any updates or changes to the operating hours.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Singapore is during the months of February and April as the climatic conditions remain favorable for outdoor activities and exploration tours.

Dress Code: When visiting Singapore Snow City, visitors must wear long pants and socks. While jackets and boots are also included in the ticket price, other snow necessities such as gloves, waterproof leggings, and more can be rented on site.

Reaching Snow City in Singapore is a hassle-free process, thanks to its strategic location and well-connected transportation options:

  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Taking the MRT is a convenient and popular option. Visitors should alight at the Jurong East MRT station, which serves as an interchange for both the East-West Line (EW24) and the North-South Line (NS1). From there, transfer to bus service 335 at Jurong East Bus Interchange. The bus ride will take you directly to Snow City.

  • Bus: If you prefer to travel by bus, various bus services make stops near Snow City. Aside from bus 335 from Jurong East Bus Interchange, you can also take bus 66, 178, or 198 to reach the venue.

  • Car/Taxi: For those driving or taking a taxi, Snow City has ample parking spaces available for visitors. The venue is conveniently accessible via the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

  • Walking: If you happen to be in the vicinity, Snow City is within walking distance from the Jurong East MRT station. Simply follow the clear signs and directions to reach your winter adventure on foot.

Safety Measures of Snow City in Singapore prioritizes the well-being of its visitors, implementing comprehensive safety measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience:

  • Trained Staff: Snow City employs a team of well-trained and experienced staff members who are knowledgeable in handling emergency situations. They are equipped to assist and guide visitors throughout their visit to ensure a safe environment.

  • Mandatory Safety Briefing: Before entering the snow play area, all visitors must attend a mandatory safety briefing. This ensures that everyone is aware of the safety rules, guidelines, and precautions to follow while enjoying the attractions.

  • Proper Attire: To keep visitors comfortable and safe, appropriate winter wear, including jackets, boots, and gloves, are provided by Snow City. These clothing items help regulate body temperature and reduce the risk of hypothermia.

  • Temperature Regulation: Snow City maintains a controlled and consistent temperature within the snow play area to avoid extreme cold exposure. The facility ensures that the temperature is suitable for visitors to enjoy the winter experience without compromising their health.

  • Trained Instructors: For activities like snow sports and snowboarding, Snow City provides trained instructors to guide participants. These instructors offer valuable tips and ensure that participants follow the necessary safety protocols during the activities.

  • Regular Sanitization: Snow City places a strong emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. The facility undergoes regular sanitization and cleaning to maintain a safe and germ-free environment for all visitors.

  • Emergency Procedures: Snow City has well-defined emergency procedures in place. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, the staff is prepared to handle evacuations and medical assistance promptly.

  • Limited Capacity: To maintain a comfortable and safe experience, Snow City manages visitor capacity within the snow play area. This measure helps prevent overcrowding and ensures that visitors can move around freely without compromising safety.
  • Remember to bring your own full-length pants and socks because they are required to be worn and renting them on the spot is an additional cost.
  • According to most Snow City Singapore reviews, a one-hour session is a good amount of time to spend here. However, you should allow 30 minutes before the session begins to buy the tickets and prepare for the cold.
  • The enjoyable activities in the snow end up wetting your pants, so if you're picky, bring a change of clothes to change into once you're out.
  • During the school holidays, various events and programmes are held to promote Snow City. Before going, one can look at their website to see what they have to offer.
  • All guests are given a free rubber tube to slide down the snow hill and you should make sure that you pick this up on your way in.

Places to Visit Around Singapore Snow City

Explore the best places to vist in Singapore near Snow City. Here are the top attractions that you should check out.

Gardens By the Bay

Gardens By the Bay is a national landmark that offers the perfect blend of natural beauty with artistic finesse. You can not only find here exotic flora and fauna here but also admire the Gardens' iconic structures. The patch of the refreshing green area spans over 250 acres and comprises three sections–East, South, and Central. This horticultural treasure trove is home to over 1.5 million plants that hail from every continent. You can also find here a grove of 18 Supertrees that act as vertical gardens and collect rainwater for the conservatories.

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Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is situated within Mandai Wildlife Reserve and is considered the world's first nocturnal wildlife park. The wildlife park is home to over nine hundred animals from approximately a hundred species. Be amazed as you witness binturongs, civets, otters, and other animals performing at Creatures of the Night! You can also explore the park on wheels with a Guided Tram Ride that will take you across six geographical zones of the world, from the jungles of Southeast Asia to rugged Himalayan Foothills. At Singapore Night Safari, you can also enjoy night shows like the 'Thumbuakar Performance' featuring a troupe of tribal warriors.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a face of architectural brilliance and a national landmark of Singapore. It includes three 55-story towers connected by mixed-use Sands SkyPark and is packed with glitz and glam. This iconic resort boasts upscale shopping, luxury accommodations, and a huge infinity pool with unparalleled city views. Shopping maniacs will rejoice in the luxury retailers at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, which has an impressive collection of coveted designer boutiques. The casino at the Marina Bay Sands features 1,600 slot gaming machines, 30 private gaming rooms, and 500 gaming tables. To explore further details on the topic, you can also refer to the relevant Wikipedia page.


KidsSTOP is a dedicated children's science center aimed to enable children aged 8 and younger to imagine, experience, discover, and dream. Allow children to explore, investigate, and develop in a safe environment where science is genuinely enjoyable! In KidsSTOP, there are over 20 entertaining stations and a plethora of interactive play options, all of which are designed to make learning enjoyable. Kids may make their own constellations, test their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and get windy in the Typhoon Simulator in the Flight and Space Zone. They can learn about aquatic life and conservation, customize their own sea monster, and swim in an immersive ocean with 3D sea animals with Ocean's Buddies.

The Rink at JCube

For some ice fun, visit The Rink, Singapore's first and only olympic-sized ice rink. Enjoy a relaxing weekend at The Rink, which features a 460-seat watching gallery and rinkside dining. Sign up for their Learn-To-Skate Programme to get started if you want to learn how to skate like a ballerina.

FAQ's of Snow City Singapore

What are the best places to chill and shop at Snow City Singapore?

  • Shaman’s Souvenir Shop: A trip to the Snow City is on no occasion complete without exploring Shaman’s Souvenir Shop which is packed with loads of unique art pieces that you should consider carrying home as a souvenir.
  • Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant: Fountain Microbrewery and Restaurant is a lively place in Snow City Singapore where you can have a great time with your pals sipping some exotic brews and relishing some unique bites.

What is Snow City Singapore best known for?

The Snow City Singapore is known for being one of the very first snow parks in Singapore that is packed with loads of attractions. Some of the most sought after attractions in Snow City that makes it popular among the tourist are the The Arctic Snow Playground, Traditional Inuit's Home, Snow Field, Arctic Snow Slide, the Winter Shooting Arena, Shaman's Souvenir Shop, Indoor Boulder, Drift on Ice, and The Cliff.

How much time is required to experience the full joy at Snow City Singapore?

If you wish to make the most of the Snow City Singapore covering every detail then you would at least need around 2 hours of time.

Can Snow City Tickets be booked in advance?

Yes, the tickets for Snow city can be booked in advance to make the whole experience hassle free and convenient. Being one of the most sought after attractions in Singapore, it is visited by zillions of tourists every single day and you will have to wait in a long queue for the tickets at the physical counter. Apart from this, after the pandemic, the tickets for a single day have been limited so it would be better to get your tickets done earlier.

For which age group there is no need to buy Snow City Tickets?

There is no need to buy Snow City Tickets for children aged below 3 years.

What is the temperature in Snow City Singapore?

The temperature in Snow City Singapore is maintained at -5 degree celsius.

How to get to Snow City Singapore?

To get to Snow City Singapore, you can take a taxi, ride-sharing service, or public transportation like the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).

Where is Snow City in Singapore?

Snow City is located at 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433.

How to go to Snow City Singapore by MRT?

You can reach Snow City Singapore by taking the MRT and alighting at Jurong East Station (NS1/EW24). From there, it's a short walk to the venue.

How cold is Snow City Singapore?

Snow City Singapore maintains a temperature of around -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature is artificially created to simulate a winter environment, allowing visitors to experience snowy conditions and participate in various winter-themed activities. Please note that temperatures may vary slightly depending on the time of year and any updates or changes made by the attraction. For the most current information, it is recommended to check with the official Snow City Singapore website or contact them directly.

What is the snow city timings and price?

Snow City Singapore Timings:

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Snow City Singapore Prices (Standard Rates):

  • Adults (13 years old and above): SGD 18.00
  • Children (3 to 12 years old): SGD 15.00
  • Children under 3 years old: Free (must be accompanied by a paying adult)

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