Snow City Singapore Opening Time & Location

Snow City Opening Hours

Snow City Singapore is situated at 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433. It is part of the Jurong Entertainment Centre and is easily accessible by public transportation and private vehicles.

Timings of Snow City

The operating hours of Snow City can vary, and it's best to check their official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information. Typically, Snow City Singapore is open from late morning to evening, allowing visitors to enjoy a unique snow experience regardless of the tropical climate outside.

Best Time to Visit Snow City

Singapore has a tropical climate, with warm and humid weather throughout the year. As such, Snow City provides a refreshing escape for both locals and tourists seeking a taste of winter and snow activities.

The best time to visit Snow City depends on your preferences. If you want to escape the heat and experience the snow, any time of the year is suitable. However, keep in mind that certain times, such as weekends and school holidays, might be more crowded. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during weekdays.

Snow City Address in Singapore

Snow City Singapore

21 Jurong Town Hall Road

Singapore 609433

Please note that this information might still be accurate, but I recommend verifying the location through current sources such as the official Snow City website or reliable mapping apps before you visit, as details can change over time.

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How to Reach Snow City Singapore

How to Reach Snow City Singapore

Snow City is an indoor snow center located in Singapore. Here are common ways to reach Snow City:

  • Public Transportation:

Singapore has an efficient public transportation system, including buses and trains. You can take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to Jurong East station, which is on both the East-West Line (EWL) and North-South Line (NSL). From there, you can take a short walk or transfer to a bus that will bring you to Snow City.

  • Bus:

Several bus services operate in the vicinity of Snow City. You can check the official website of Snow City or use public transport apps to find the specific bus numbers and routes that will take you there.

  • Taxi or Ride-Hailing Services:

Taxis are readily available in Singapore, and you can easily book a taxi or use ride-hailing apps like Grab to get to Snow City directly. Simply input "Snow City, 21 Jurong Town Hall Road" as your destination in the app.

  • Private Vehicle:

If you have access to a private vehicle, you can use a navigation app or GPS to guide you to Snow City. Parking facilities should be available at the venue or nearby.

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Why Visit Snow City Singapore?

Why Visit Snow City Singapore?

You should visit the snow city Singapore to experience snow, no matter what time of the year it is in. Witnessing snowfall in Singapore had never been a reality until Snow City got established in 2000. This place is made in a 3-storey building with 60 meters of snow slopes to play around, making it one of the top reasons for visiting this place. The temperature in Snow City Singapore is around minus 5 degrees while the snow chamber is 400 meters deep. The grounds are covered with 150 tons of snow with 10% being freshly created every week by the authorities. To engage more visitors, a new themed area Artic has been created with 5 famous new mascots- Koko, Suki, ila, Oki, and Nooka with interactive exhibits, making it enough to visit and enjoy with your family.

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Plan Your Visit to Snow City Singapore

What to Wear
  • You can book your Snow City Singapore Tickets online to avoid last minute hassle and standing in the long queues.
  • People with medical conditions such as pneumonia should consider it before choosing this place as it may become worse due to temperatures as low as -5 degrees.
  • It is advisable to explore snow city and enjoy this place for up to an hour.
  • You should be ready with your winter clothes before your entry.
  • You can rent out winter clothing and essentials outside the venue.
  • Food and beverages from outside aren’t allowed to be bought inside the venue.
  • Those who aren’t familiar with low temperatures should wear an extra layer of warm clothes for protection.
  • Children aren’t allowed to enter without an adult.
  • Children should wear an extra layer for utmost precaution against freezing temperatures.
  • A rubber tube that slides all the visitors down the slope is accessible for free. You need to get this at the entrance before indulging in the fun.
  • The snow might wet your clothes, you should be carrying an additional set for changing before you move out.
  • The facility of hiring an in-house photographer and buying snow city photos from them is available but at a high cost.
  • Special events and shows are held at this place and you should check it out before booking your tickets.

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About Snow City Singapore

As cool as the name sounds, the snow city in Singapore is the country’s indoor snow attraction. Suitable for all ages; whether you are a kid, tween, teen, or an adult, you get to witness the Singapore Snow City temperature less than zero degrees, even amidst the hassle of the adventurous country of Singapore. Snow City Singapore is so famous that it witnesses a whopping number of 250,000 visitors from around the whole world. Snow City, by Snow Venture Pvt Ltd., was launched in 2000 and got renovated in 2007 to become an even better facility, comprising a snow chamber lying indoor, providing the best cold environment to beat the heat of Singapore. Snow city is a 3 storey high complex with 60 meters long snow slopes. This place is a healthy visit along with being safe, and child-friendly. 10-15 tonnes of snow is created from a special snow gun every week to cover grounds and slopes. From the delightful snow, people make a snowman, try snowboarding, and skiing, and children have fun during snowball fights. Recently, a new theme was added to the freezing snow city- the Arctic Circle. Inspired by the cold continent of the Arctic, this place makes the snow experience interesting and special as if teleporting you to extreme surroundings. The interactive exhibits of snow city are home to five new mascots named Oki, Nooka, Suki, ila, and Koko.

Experience Now:

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  • At Snow City Singapore, you can experience the excitement of snowboarding, skiing, and snow tubing right in the middle of the city

  • Create cherished memories with your loved ones as you build snowmen, engage in friendly snowball fights, and capture picture-perfect moments in a mesmerizing winter wonderland

  • Escape the sweltering heat of Singapore and step into a refreshing world of ice and snow, where you can indulge in the exhilarating experience of ice sliding and see the artistry of intricate ice sculptures

  • Book the Snow City Singapore Tickets and learn the unique art of ice carving from experts

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Must Know Before You Go
  • To protect oneself from the subzero weather, all participants must wear long pants and covered shoes.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • There are several events and programmes hosted by Snow City Singapore during special occasions. You can check the official website for any latest details.
  • Bring gloves on your own, if you do not wish to pay extra for them at the activity location.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited inside the chamber, you can purchase photos from professional photographers on-site.
  • Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited on site, you can take refreshments from the on-site restaurant and snack shop.
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What is so special about Snow City Singapore?

    Snow city Singapore is one of the coldest places in the country possessing a whopping low temperature of minus five degrees! If you are wondering why and how to get to snow city Singapore, this place is quite accessible and popular enough to please families and kids. The experience of playing on snow, sliding on the cold and smooth slopes along with drifting on ice makes this place the coolest choice to explore in the city of Singapore amidst the heat.

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